What We Do

Verify Climate Bonds

We assess eligible projects under the Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme, and we follow the procedures and criteria established by the Climate Bonds Initiative. We offer both reasonable assurance and limited assurance verification services.

Verify Green Bonds

Kestrel provides a second-party opinion on whether your bond issue is aligned with the Green Bonds Principles. We adhere to the protocols established by the Green Bonds Principles. We provide second-party opinion letters.

Green Bond Frameworks

Kestrel Verifiers can construct, review or update Green Bond Frameworks. A Green Bond Framework can expedite the verification process for Green Bonds and Climate Bonds.

Reporting and Compliance

We prepare annual reports on projects and assets funded by Green Bonds or Climate Bonds to ensure continued compliance with industry standards and build investor confidence.

Our work is based on the foundation of:

Member Goldman Sachs Small Business Alumni

What makes us Different



What makes us Different



Who We Are

Kestrel Verifiers is a division of Kestrel Consulting, Inc. In October 2017, the Climate Bonds Initiative announced that Kestrel Verifiers is an Approved Verifier for Climate Bonds and green bonds. We support issuers with professional verification services. For almost twenty years we have worked at the intersection of finance and sustainability, helping clients to advance water, energy and environmental projects in many locations. We are a woman-owned, certified small business incorporated in California. Our company headquarters is in Hood River, Oregon, one hour east of Portland. We also have staff in Oxnard and Sacramento California.

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