What We Do

Personalized Consultation

Kestrel offers a free consultation on using green bonds for current or future financings. Kestrel can help to assess eligibility for green bonds or green loans; we can provide a step by step overview of the verification process, and share information on benefits of using green bonds. We can also help you decide whether to pursue green bonds or Climate Bonds.

Green Bond Opinions and Verifier’s Reports

Kestrel provides Second Opinions on green bonds in accordance with the ICMA Green Bond Principles and Green Loan Principles. We also provide Verifier’s Reports for the Climate Bonds Standard and can work with you to determine which pathway is best.

Green Bond Frameworks

A Green Bond Framework can expedite the verification process for Green Bonds and Climate Bonds. We can advise on the preparation, review or updating of your Framework.

Reporting and Compliance

We bring real-world experience, relationships and tools to efficiently verify and report on green bonds. We can also explain how to simplify reporting and build investor confidence.

Our work is based on the foundation of:

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What makes us Different



What makes us Different



Who We Are

For almost 20 years, Kestrel has supported thought-leader clients and global engineering companies as they develop and execute world-class infrastructure projects. With our municipal and corporate experience, clients trust us to bring innovation, strategy and attention to detail on every engagement. Kestrel is a US-based, woman-owned small business with strategic locations around the US.

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